Wednesday, April 1

Real Food, Killiney Road

Plans to meet up with J and W took us to Real Food on W's recommendation. This particular branch lies in a sleepier part of Orchard Road within a nondescript building that has seen better years. That said, I love that charming stretch that was dotted with traditional eateries such as the original Killiney Cafe, Teck Kee Pau etc.

The spacious clean-slate lifestyle cafe not only serves food but retails organic groceries that would almost immediately make you want to squeeze into those yoga compression pants. The food is reportedly free from processed ingredients, artificial preservatives, trans-fat and meat (I just prolonged my life by another five years from typing that sentence). The "slow food" does take a while to come, posing a great opportunity for you to practice meditation.

Their signature dumplings are neat little bundles made moreish with finely chopped ingredients such as carrots, mushrooms and chestnuts among many other things. These were really good and I could easily down another plate on my own with little prompting.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a fist-sized chunk of organic pumpkin within the soup, making the dish even heartier. A thick but airy slice of bread added bulk and served as the perfect tool for sopping up the sweet delicious puree-like soup.

For my main, I had the veggie omelette and I appreciated how there weren't extra charges to make it egg white. A folded omelette made with peppers, mushrooms and pineapple chunks (surprise!), served with a very pleasing grilled tomato and cheese toast, and healthy mixed green salad.

W's original pancakes with glazed bananas bore a stodgier than usual texture due to the gluten-free batter. While she liked it, monotony set in after a while, despite generous lashings of maple syrup and ginger orange jam. 

While the food and concept at Real Food were likeable, I really needed something more and proposed desserts or perhaps, lunch soon after. Whoops!

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