Wednesday, March 4

The March cookout

With the many year end celebrations and lunar new year festivities, our cookout sessions went on a short hiatus much to the relief of our waistlines. However, it came back with a bang last weekend, quite frankly with little surprise, given how gluttonous most of us are.

On the first day of March, the Tan sisters Esther and Rachel warmly hosted us for our regular cookouts. Man, it was a disturbingly hot day but all was forgotten as we enjoyed a sumptuous spread in the enjoyment of one of mankind's greatest inventions - the aircon.

Esther made a crazy delicious Provencal lamb rack with tomatoes and potatoes that had been simmering in lamb fat. Doana prepared kimchi fried rice and churned out fried eggs ala minute. Zhu whipped up two salads - one with duck and spinach, and another with watermelon and ricotta I made a caramelized onion and blue cheese galette as well as a Swedish chocolate cake for dessert.

As per our tradition, the rest of the afternoon wasn't very productive as we bid our thank-yous and succumbed to food coma.

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