Monday, March 2

Steak + Sprouts + Panzanella

We wanted to have a meal with my in-laws before their long trip to the US but alas, with 2 kids, it would be a challenge so we decided to prepare a meal for them instead. 

After hearing about their disappointing meal at Woolloomoolo, we decided to whip up some steaks for them. Of course, by "we," I am referring to KW who took charge of the meat. Yes, any excuse to cook up those Wagyu MB4 is much welcomed. Among the five of us, we did a pretty good job of polishing off close to 1.2kg worth of beef. 

I made a side of roasted Brussels sprouts dressed with truffle oil and scattered with Parmesan cheese. Turns out Brussels sprouts are one of my mother-in-law's favourite vegetables, while my father-in-law dreads them due to his days in England - hope these restored his faith in them. 

A vibrant and fresh Panzanella salad, loosely adapted from this Ian Garten recipe, provided some carbs and more greens for the meal. Hand-torn ciabatta bread, slow-roasted red and yellow bell peppers, chopped butter head lettuce, tossed in a mustard vinaigrette. 

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