Friday, March 27

Friday 27th finds

Must read //

As a result of Monday's momentous event, there are naturally many things worth reading and catching up on. 

"Had Singapore chosen the road of its critics, it might well have collapsed among its ethnic groups, as the example of Syria teaches today." Henry A. Kissinger's eulogy to Lee Kuan Yew

"Freedom is knowing our children can go to school without fear of drugs, or being mowed down by some insane person with a gun. Freedom is knowing that we are not bound by our class, our race, our religion, and we can excel for the individuals that we are - the freedom to accomplish." Calvin Cheng rebuts critics on Singapore trading freedom for economic success.

I love reading about him as an elder brother. By Monica Lee, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's only sister and Lee Suan Yew, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's youngest brother.

A reporter’s notes on Mr Lee by Bertha Henson.

Must make //

Anything with a bright and beautiful yellow egg gets my vote and this Georgian cheese bread floats my boat. 
Must visit //

The amazing Bezar office!

Spent 6 months in Copenhagen and I fell in love with the city. Looks like there is more reason to love the former Viking fishing village.

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Queen City Simmer said...

Thanks so much for the link love! If you haven't made that cheese bread yet you must put it on your list! :D