Monday, January 19

Muchachos - Mexican with the mostest

Whenever KW and I think of somewhere to do lunch, the unspoken first requirement is - No brunch food. You have no idea how that drastically reduces our weekend options, which incidentally makes our lives easier as well. We somehow settled on Muchachos as it is a place that we both wanted to visit for the longest time - and there weren't Eggs Benedict on the menu (Amen!).

Keong Saik is an area KW and I frequented when we were dating, well before the kids (gasp, plural!) came along. After so many years, the area is decidedly trendier and parking determinedly a bigger pain in the ass.

The simple and straightforward menu at Muchachos offers just burritos and quesadillas with similar fillings (think awesome salsa and guacamole), and a modest list of sides (the buffalo wings do look slightly out of place). Among the 2.5 of us (we only brought the Munchkin along), we shared a burrito, quesadilla, and a basket of guac and chips, and left feeling mucho satisfied.

The burritos at Muchachos come deliciously stuffed with salsa, guacamole, refried beans, rice and a meat of your choice (carne asada), swaddled in a flour tortilla.

Our burrito weighed roughly the size of a newborn puppy but it is all business. We came looking to scratch that Mexican craving and our carne asada burrito nailed it. To be honest, I would have preferred it without the refried beans but KW argued that would not have been a burrito then.

Resembling a Chinese pancake, the quesadilla might look like it suffers from an identity crisis but the taste is anything but confusing.

We went with the carnitas, which cooked in pork lard, bore an unapologetic dose of porkiness. Packed within a toasty tortilla wrap, it was a handful of love and commitment. KW would have preferred it to be cheesier but I liked how I was able to taste everything without it being smothered in cheese.

Even a simple basket of guacamole and chips was endearing. The guacamole, with strong notes of onions and parsley, was legit; and together with those thinnish chips, it was a dip / side dish that matched up to the main players.

The eatery is not designed for lingering conversations and it was a messy meal (especially since I was balancing a 2.5 year old who refused to sit on his own) but we would gladly be back for more.

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