Wednesday, January 21

Awesome barachirashi from Sumiya, Orchard Central

Lobster rolls, truffle fries, salted egg yolk crab... These are some of the most publicized food fads. Yet I swear there is an underground movement for (bara)chirashis and I might have found my go-to for the most value-for-money barachirashi in town.

Nope, it isn't Teppei or Hana Hana though I would love to get my hands on their famous barachirashi.

The lunch set from Sumiya is undeniably wallet-friendly. It comes with a simple green salad, silky-smooth chawanmushi, pickles, appetiser, miso soup and dessert. I must add that, instead of pedestrian fruit slices, the delightful red bean and cream mochi added much brownie points.

The barachirashi itself is a bowl filled with fresh toothsome chunks of salmon, tuna, hamachi and avocado, generously ladled with tobiko and ikura.

Deliciously satisfying. I'll be definitely be back for more.


Anonymous said...

this looks so awesome!

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