Wednesday, December 17

Things I Do For My Kid: Very Vanilla Cupcakes

Sometimes I find myself uncharacteristically supportive of the Munckin's childcare activities. Art auction? Bidder and won 3 art pieces that we have yet to find space to display. Knuffle Bunny Musicial excursion? Blocked off on my calender and applied for leave. Bake Sale for senior citizen home? Would 2 dozen muffins be enough?

Yes, I think it would be the Working Mum Guilt that makes me go, "Yay yippee yay yay!" when it comes to supporting the Munckin's school activities. I mean, I was never this enthusiastic about fundraising and bake sales when I was the one schooling.

When the teachers asked if we could volunteer food and services for their Christmas Eve picnic, I gleefully signed up to make cupcakes AND volunteer as a chaperone. Yes me, the person who never enjoyed the company of children and never wanted kids before I met KW.

Of course, realizing the horror of what I have done, I decided I needed to practice making those damn cupcakes - something I don't even enjoy on a normal basis.

And thankfully, the oracle Internet is flooded with cupcake recipes and permutations, so I used Sally's Baking Addiction for the Very Vanilla Cupcake base and Joy of Baking for the cupcake buttercream frosting.

Ta-dah! Not bad for a first attempt Eh?

I think they need more work in the decor department but otherwise, I think we are set for Merry festive season.

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