Friday, December 19

Dancing Crab » Louisiana Seafood, Grandstand

Dancing Crab is a, for lack of a better word, fun place to dine at. Hands-on, apron-clad action that awaits you as King Neptune's army are served up by the bags full. It is a great place to leave all table manners at the door and momentarily forget that mankind created cutlery to differentiate us from our primate relatives.

We got a Combo Bag #1 with a Sri Lankan crab, prawns, potatoes, clams and sausages in herb butter sauce. Now I’m not qualified to tell you if these were the best crustaceans but they were well-cooked (i.e. not overcooked) and we enjoyed picking through everyone of them.

The herb butter sauce was deliciously addictive. We should have ordered a few plain rolls or bought for own from nearby Giant Hypermarket for some serious dunkin' action. I scooped the sauce onto every that crossed my lips, even drinking it straight out of the bowl. Yummers.

I have said repeatedly that deep-fried oysters are one of those things I rarely have but can't resist ordering if I ever see it. And these served on the oyster shell for maximum kitsch factor did not disappoint.

Packed with lumps of crab meat within a crisp batter, the crab cakes for me are an absolute must order. And it was nice of the kitchen to cut them up for us as they knew we were probably sharing them.

The lobster rolls at Dancing Crab are supposedly one of the best in town - and at $30 a pop, considerably reasonably priced too. The kitchen was slightly too liberal with the mayo but nothing a squeeze of lemon could not overcome.

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