Tuesday, November 18

Thirds at Sushi Kuu, Palais Renaissance

My elder sister chose Sushi Kuu for her birhday meal, which was awesome because I got to try the barachirashi! Remember how I was salivating over it when my dad order it on his birthday meal? Yeah, you could only imagine how excited I was to trek into forbidden territory in my last trimester. 

So how was it? Did it live up to expectations? Did Muhammad ascend the mountain as dutifully instructed to? Well, the freshness was undeniable but halfway into my meal... Oh wait, I finished it before I realised I was halfway into the dish. For some reason, I feel like portions have shrank. 

For a minute, I doubted myself, thinking my 7-months-pregnant appetite had grown exponentially, but my dad seconded my suspicions. Terribly upsetting, if I may add. 

Granted they now also provide a tasty creamy, citrusy salad and a couldn't-be-smoother chawanmushi, and the al dente udon is still around, I could not help but feel a tinge of sadness at the reduced main portion.  

Instead of ice cream, the complimentary dessert was either yam or matcha pudding. It was rather coarse but I finished it as I literally got hungrier after my barachirashi. 

Thankfully, we had cake too! The Chloe from Antoinette deserved thumbs' up for its delicate yet indulgent yuzu vanilla medley. But of course, the icing on the cake for my sister was getting to cuddle up with her beloved nephew, who unceremoniously blew out her candle.

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