Monday, November 24

llaollao, United Square

When KW queued up for his iPhone 6 at the M1 313@Somerset, I was taken aback by the perennial snaking queue at llaollao. Throughout the 45-minute wait, the queue hardly diminished in length and eager beavers were happy to join the queue for a cup of Instagram-worthy frozen yogurt. Of course, I didn't join the queue back then but my curiosity was piqued, and it didn't help that a colleague loves – and raves – about it.

One day at United Square, we chanced upon a llaollao outlet with less than 10 people in the queue and less than 10 minutes later, we found ourselves with a cup of frozen yogurt filled with kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and Chips Ahoy cookies, drizzled with caramelized cookies (Lotus biscuits) sauce.

It was expectedly good. The fruits were in-season sweet, the caramelized cookies sauce was lovely and the Chips Ahoy cookies, well, were as decent as packaged cookies go.

Llaollao fans, you can all rejoice for I won't be re-joining the queue anytime soon.

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