Wednesday, October 29

Oriole's Knickerbocker Glory

Wow, I can't remember the last time I visited Oriole. In fact, the last time was probably lunch with Dave, and KW and I had just gotten engaged. When my sister and KH suggested post-lunch coffee there, we agreeably marched towards it since plenty of good times were spent there with what feels like a lifetime ago.

I ordered the Oriole Knickerbocker Glory with a triple scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, some brandies cherries and crushed double chocolate cookies thrown in for good measure. Oh you know, just in case someone complains of it not being sweet enough.

I'm not sure why it's called a Knickbocker but it could be a Knickerblocker since your underwear will feel somewhat snug afterwards.

The cafe was 3/4 full during Sunday lunchtime, which says something given how people are willing to queue for hours at hipster brunch places. Yet I'm glad Oriole has retained its charm and not caved into the mismatched industrial look and feel canibalised by others. To the good ol's days :)

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