Monday, September 8

Chris & Julie's wedding at Point Yamu, Phuket

Chris & Julie's wedding - THIS was main reason why we were in Phuket. 

Alert: serious wedding envy here! I love love love small weddings that reflect the couple's personalities, as opposed to their parents' delegation of friends, acquaintances and long-lost cousins. Maybe I should insist on a destination celebration for our 30th wedding anniversary. 

The wedding ceremony took place at the lawn across the cutest wedding aisle and we were extremely lucky the rain held back till dinner. 

The bride with her father Papa Jang, who happens to look as if he was in his late 40s. Must be all that Korean ginseng. Amusing and effable guy. 

After a few short speeches and exchange of vows, the ceremony was done and we were off to selfies, wefies and them-fies. 

Munckin woke up just in time for the wedding vows

Amusing ourselves while waiting for the group photo

And another with the bride's K-posse

After a round of cocktails, we dived full-fledged into a superb meal prepared by chef Daniel Moran and his team from La Sirena. It might be a case of really low expectations but some of the dishes were very good, if not exceptional. 

Chilled tomato and watermelon soup with shelled crab

Ok, I'll say dinner didn't get off to a flying start. Cold soups aren't really my thing. Why do they even exist to begin with? If I wanted to drink something cold, I would get an iced drink. You get what I'm saying right?

Good thing, the olive bread rolls were a handful of savoury delight.

Mozzarella di buffala and grilled vegetables
Crudo of salmon, artichokes, lemon and parsley
Andaman shrimps, fennel, chill and dill
Prosciutto san daniele with melon, mint and Sambuca

The magic began with our melange of appetizers. Each component was lightly flavoured yet distinctively flavourful; and though there were four components, they sang a harmonious tune as I worked my way around the plate.


Black cod served on top of a spicy seafood stew of Andaman seafood OR
Salt bush lamb, chargrilled with artichokes, olives, tomato and basil

Tri-coloured salad, Brussell sprouts and hand-cut French fries

The main courses were impressive. My black cod was incredibly satisfying, matched by a robust seafood stew. After cleaning out my plate, I met with the horror of not taking a picture of it. Still kicking myself even after a week.

Juicy and succulent, the chargrilled lamb rack was equally, if not even more fabulous. It was a dish that I certainly did not expect from a wedding-meal kitchen line.

Our mains were stealthily accompanied by a trio of sides. If there is one thing I learnt on this trip about La Sirena, they do they French fries very well.

Watermelon granita Siciliana
White chocolate semi credo with sweet corn, blackberries and pop rocks

The watermelon granita and sorbet, which I took as our palate cleanser, served its purpose well.

If our meal had ended there and then, I would have been mighty satisfied. But the next dessert was an absolute stunner.

White chocolate, popcorn, sweet corn and pop rocks? Sounds like a real kitchen nightmare but in fact, it was wonderfully dreamy.


And the wedding cake? Moist, cloud-like and again, absolutely clean-plate-worthy.

Thank you, Chris and Julie once again, for inviting us to partake in your joy!

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