Friday, August 8

Ichiban Sushi, Toa Payoh Hub

Some days you watch 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi' and you think you could never eat another sushi that was less than perfection. Other days you are like, OMG, I need to scratch this sushi itch so bad! Let's just head down to the nearest sushi chain and pray it's not Sakae Sushi.

I am sure nobody goes to Ichiban Sushi expecting to be blown away - and if you did, I would suggest you check yourself instead of the management. More people come here for the value-for-money sets of hearty permutations and winning presentations but I was here for a single reason: to get my sushi fix.

Deep Impact

The Deep Impact was the first sushi I ever had at Ichiban Sushi/Boshi (at Esplanade and yes, that was yonks ago) and it has been my stalwart ever since. I just love the itty-bitty tempura bits encased in sushi rice and topped with seasoned baby octopus and scallop. Yes, I will admit the name is cheesy... 

Crispy Lobster Salad Roll

Nights of reading about lobster rolls made me crave for lobster in a really bad way and this was kind of satisfying. Hey, at least I don't have to pay anywhere near the $40s to get some lobster. 

Spring Fever 

With a name like Spring Fever, I felt almost embarrassed for saying it out loud. Yet it was quite good, I didn't even mind the canned tuna-taste of the spicy tuna mayonnaise and the fried salmon skin didn't hurt either.

Sashimi Salad

Scraps of aburi-ed salmon and octopus playing peekaboo with us. An archetypical Japanese citrusy dressing was much needed to poke some life back into the bed of lettuce, bell peppers and raw (ugh) onion slices. 

I can't remember what this dish is called but it is something along the lines of Kaki Yanagawa. Deep-fried oysters simmering in in a pool of scrambled eggs, onion slices and dashi stock. It's funny how I don't usually take oysters but deep-fry them and I am all over it like a mutt who hash't been fed for days.

To wash all of that down, I had a dragonfruit and soursop juice from a bakery Cake House. I fear it is becoming a serious addiction but in my defense, they claim to not add any sugar or canned fruit. 

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