Monday, August 4

A lovely lunch at Sushi Kuu, Palais Renaissance

I love long weekends. Weekends are usually reserved for family time but long weekends give you just enough to squeeze in some couple "together-us" time. The default cuisine for KW and I is typically Japanese (read: Sushi Tei) and we have our usual suspects (again, read: Sushi Tei) but the long weekend warranted something special and we visited Sushi Kuu, after vetoing stalwarts such at Tatsuya and Aoki. 

Stepping to Palais Renaissance is akin to pulling a veil over the chaotic buzz of our city life - after all, Breitling watches and Steinway grand pianos aren't exactly your average everyday buys even if your name ends with Kwek, Khoo and Kapoor. 

Similar to its locale, Sushi Kuu is a picture of understated classiness, in a members-only kind of way. The meal itself was memorable, no doubt thanks to the fact that our little one was having a great time at his grandparents' place and we could relax in the company of incredible food. 

KW was single-minded about getting sushi and his assorted sushi set (regular) hits all the rights notes and more. I was impressed by how neat and compact the nigiris were. When he couldn't decide between this or the aburi a la carte option, our server offered an aburi and raw mix -  such care only added to our lovely time there. 

I had my heart set on their famed chirashi after reading much about it. However as soon as my eyes scrolled though the menu, the words "Depp Fried Black Pork and Egg on Rice" caught my attention and I could not bear the thought of having something else. It might be sacrilegious to not order sushi here but I have no regrets for this was truly gratifying - and you can't really argue with a pregnant woman when she has cravings. 

All lunch sets come with a bowl of udon, miso soup and ice cream. I love udon and this was a really pleasant side dish but I could not bring myself to finish it despite elastic waistbands. 

To make up for me not ordering sushi and not wanting to miss out, we ordered their Kuu House Roll, an indulgent smash-up of uni (sea urchin), toro (tuna), botan ebi (large shrimp) and ikura (salmon roe).

Creamy and indulgent, with sprightly bursts of briny ikura... It was a two-bite delicacy though I will admit each individual component does get lost in all that jumble.

Complimentary green tea and black sesame ice cream - you will not loose any marbles over these pre-scooped desserts but they were good enough to provide a sweet ending. 

I am definitely looking forward to bringing my folks back here for a meal to thank them for ferrying the munckin to childcare. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats on number 2! As I am a first time mum-to-be, just wanted to check whether it's alright to have sashimi during my first tri. Internet readings suggest no no, gynae always says to be careful but you don't seem to restrict your diet and have so much fun! *envious*

yixiao said...

Hello! I am a lot more relaxed on this pregnancy compared to my first. With regards to sashimi, for me, it is about the freshness so as long as it looks legit, I will take it =p

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply! Good for you! As this is my first, we are so paranoid and I don't even dare touch my favorite green tea (caffeine), much less sashimi, medium rare beef etc. All the best with number 2!

yixiao said...

We have such similar tastes :)

Thank you and all the best for yours too!