Monday, July 7

The weekend we celebrated the terrible twos

As I mentioned, July is a month of celebrations and we invited our friends over to commiserate with us on the terrible twos. Of course, I exaggerate. I think most of us are really enjoying this period of time when he's babbling away non-stop, repeating after us and exercising his independence and control over the stereo in the car. 

This year, I decided on a circus theme purely by accident after crawling the Internet for party delivery options. As you can tell, the DIY-Zakka mum lost steam and besides, these balloons were too cute to resist. 

At 6.30pm, I really wanted our first guest to arrive so that I could break open the Tosititos. 

Point to note though, party decorations always seem much larger on the computer screen.

In line with our keep-it-simple-because-I-am-just-too-darn-tired train of thought, I decided to replicate the taco and egg salad I made for Russell's dinner last week. 

This time round, I made a shrimp version as well - worried that the meal would be too meaty. I am happy to report the salads were cleaned out before 8pm and our mums would all be proud we ate our salads before ice cream. 

My mum contributed a guava salad with plum sauce that was wonderfully refreshing. 

We created a hotdog bar and people DIY-ed their way to sodium nitrate heaven. 

Cheese sauce? Bacon? A two year old's party is just an excuse to binge on junk. 

Hello Johnsonville!

Get your buns on... 

Johnsonville sausages have never ever failed us. 

Fulfilling KW's childhood dream, we ordered an ice cream cake from Swensen's, made with Cookies & Cream and Salted Gula Melaka. 

But it required two pairs of hands to saw through it. KW's right hand was partially numb over the next 24 hours after the party. 

"Ice cream cake... gimme me more!"

"Happy birthday to me, indeed!"


Lisa said...

What a cake!

Sue said...

Do you mind sharing your recipe for the taco salad? Thanks!

yixiao said...

Lisa: Yes and it made the inner kid in all of us very happy.

Sue: Of course, here you go ...

Bern said...

i love the mr strongman balloon...too cute!

ooh ooh ooh, LOVE johnsonville too! have u tried their chunky bratwurst range? AWE-SOME.

yixiao said...

Me too! Mr Strongman is my favourite balloon!

Anonymous said...

I lurve the party supplies you got for Russell's birthday. I'm a first time mum trawling the internet for ideas for my son's birthday. Could you share where you got those tasteful party supplies from?

Thank you!