Wednesday, June 18

Putien Restaurant, Vivocity

While thinking about where to go for our next family Sunday meal, I suddenly thought of Putien. It's one of those Chinese restaurants that escapes me as we more often than not relegate ourselves to the likes of Imperial Treasure or Crystal Jade.

The restaurant seems awfully popular too. I called on Tuesday to make a lunch appointment for Sunday lunch at Vivocity and was told the 12noon slots were full and the next available slot was 2pm. Luckily my family are early eaters so we happily took an 11.30am lunch slot.

The food in general was right up my alley. Some dishes were on the milder side but you could dunk anything into their super addictive specialty chili and it would taste a hundred times more delicious.

The only starter we had braised pig intestines was a treat in the texture department - if you are into chewy squishy kind of things.

If you prefer something more familiar, Putien's homemade beancurd would soothe whatever homely comforts your crave for.

I really really loved this dish - spinach with salted egg and century egg in supreme stock. It's something you would be able to find in a lot of Chinese restaurants but Putien's version is more eggy and less soupy.

I could see the glee my mum's eyes when the deep-fried squirrel fish was placed on our table. Maybe she was disappointed I didn't order the sweet and sour pork so this made up for it. Very tasty, crisp and moreish. Not a crisp or crumb was spared. 

Steamed prawns with minced garlic was the only dish that didn't stand out as much. It was just a little meh.

The oyster omelette was quite yummy too. It was gooey, clunky and briny yet despite the not-too-appetizing description, it was greasebomb yummy. 

The fair-skinned Putien lor mee was an inviting bowl of comfort-me. Every slurp of those stewy noodles made my heart and gut warm with joy. This is currently my chicken soup for the soul.

I would make a return visit soon just for the Heng Hwa fried bee hoon! I'm not a bee hoon person, unlike my mum and sister, but this dish was incredibly light yet flavourful. Coupled with a dash of that tangy, garlicky chili sauce, I think this is contender for my favourite noodle dish (along with san lor hor fun). 

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