Wednesday, May 21

The Daily Scoop, Sembawang Road

We recently learnt from our friend that there was a new-ish Daily Scoop branch along Sembawang Road and made our way down one Friday evening for a date night. Though it is supposedly closer to our place, the drive felt extremely long and the parking situation wasn't co-operative either - to be fair, with a work email due to be sent out that very same night, I wasn't in the best of moods to hunt down ice cream. 

But we made it anyway due to KW's determination and to make the journey worth our while, we had a waffle topped with Raspberry Pistachio Brittle and Kahlua Krunch. Though these two flavours aren't as winning as the other two that we had the last time round, they were still very pleasant (if only I didn't have that email hanging over my head).

The waffle was unfortunately disappointing. Although it looked gloriously golden brown, it was slightly underbaked and became shamefully soggy when any form of liquid came in contact with it. I am hoping this is a one-off as I am not about to write off their waffles just yet.


Marc said...

Their waffles are fab. This could be a one-off for a new outlet. If not go Chip Bee Gdn and try it out.

Anonymous said...

Hello! you've got to try the dark choc waffle with pistachio ice cream at Milk & Honey at bedok! its near the ever popular bedok 85 :)

Bern said...

ice-cream always helps in dealing with incessant work emails! ;)

yixiao said...

yes, i am not going to give up on their waffles just yet =)

dark choc waffle with pistachio ice cream at Milk & Honey ---> thank you for the recommendation!

bern, righto!