Tuesday, April 1

Silk, SICC

KW's grandmother's birthday dinner at Silk is a memory worth visiting over and over again, and thankfully, I have KW's cousin Shiyi to thank for these pictures. 

A festive celebration calls for animal sacrifice. Two hogs for the family, no less.

We got to take home the hacked up hog (can you tell I'm super dupes excited about the latest Games of Throne?) and it was still awesome the next day. 

Although I don't have a picture of it, the steamed fish in Sichuan sauce bore handsome chunks of peppery puckery morsels that I couldn't stop picking on. 

My father-in-law managed to get hold of a couple of hugeass Alaskan crabs. The kitchen did them up two ways - one of which was steamed with egg whites and the other stir-fried with garlic and pepper. 

This, my friend, was crazy delicious. I have never had crab legs almost the size of Russell's forearms and they were incredibly sweet and succulent. 

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride... A plate of well-prepared crunchy broccoli paved the way for some atonements of our sins.

For carbs, we had truffle mee pok that KW's grandmother, who had stopped eating since the fish as she was full from the first 3 dishes, slurped it down lock, stock and barrel. 

Desserts-wise, my favourite deep-fried red bean pancake and steamed corn cake made for a lovely and sweet duo. 

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Bern said...

need to make a trip down to silk soon, the truffle mee pok looks yummy!