Wednesday, March 12

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse, Mohamed Sultan Road

Two things to note before we start: #1 I hope you never get tired of me raving stark mad about great steak; #2 I thought I could not love another steak more than Bar Roque's. 

The baby of the family, my younger sister, passed her bar exam and treated all of us to a great steak-out at Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse along Mohamed Sultan Road. 

The food took a while to arrive and this gave us plenty to time to enjoy their toasty focaccia. From one bread lover to another, I got to tell you it is almost worth visiting the restaurant just for the bread. The staff was quick to pick up on our carb love and brought out seconds before we were even done. We resisted. A win for mankind - and the power of resilience. 

Parsley pesto, roasted prosciutto, cherry tomato, 
pecorino cheese and Vernaccia

Since my younger sister was giving the treat, she ordered for the rest of us and had her mind set on three pastas. So that's what we had for starters. The pastas were all competently done (e.g. al dente, tasty) but it was hard to get excited as I'm not a pasta person. 

Squid ink tagliolini with crab, fennel, chili and lemon

To be blunt, I would ask you to skip the pastas and order real starters - that's what I would do the next time round. Yes, there will be a next time. 

Tagliatelle with rabbit ragout, pancetta and wild mushrooms

If you really need to get a pasta, I would suggest getting "the one with the rabbit"- sorry if this makes you squrmish. The rabbit within the ragout, in particular, was one of the most tender renditions I've ever had. I half- expected the chef to come by our table and say, "I'm sorry we ran out of rabbit and what you are having is chicken thigh." 

The highlight of our meal was the Costata but we need to give the sides due credit. 

I love the fresh crunchiness of the char-grilled asparagus though they were on the salty side. In fact, heavy salting seemed to be a running theme throughout our meal but KW was very pleased about it. In his words, the meal was "salt-tisfying". 

I'm not sure how Tuscan these Tuscan fries were - I thought fries were more of an American or French thing? Maybe it's the seasoning that Tuscan-fied it. Anyway, it was gloriously hot upon touch (no doubt fresh out of the deep fryer), well-seasoned and remarkably un-greasy.

The creamed spinach was a delight as it wasn't overwhelmingly creamy ("Could have been creamier," my sister commented). A benchmark setter and lovely accompanist to the steak.

My mum enjoyed the beetroot salad and while overall pleasant, I couldn't get over the woodsy, earthiness of beetroot.

Behold! Costata Wagyu F1 bone-in rib eye, MBS 6+! Now get your face off the screen, there are people around you. 

This was glorious. IT was glorious. Done rare to medium rare, the interior was a bloody delectable contrast against the crusty charred exterior. My second piece bore 70% beef fat, which was super dubs incredible. Sigh, I love my steak. 

When it came to desserts, we veered over to the dark side with a couldn't-be-denser, uber chocolate-y chocolate and roasted pistachio tart, studded with cherries and further crowned with a ridiculously smooth chocolate ricotta mouse.

I realised I had forgotten to take a picture of the chocolate tart but I am not feeling too bad because I would like you to focus on the tiramisu. 

Though I'm on the French camp when it comes to desserts and pastries, there is one dessert that always makes me question my Franco loyalty.


A creamy, well-soaked tiramisu never fails to make my heart go "woop woop." That could mean I should lay off more coffee, of course. But if you only have space for one dessert, get the tiramisu and share it with someone close to you. Not because you love them but because double-dipping in the glass cup would be gross with acquaintances.

Thank you for spending a good 10 minutes on this post. If you need a 10-second wrap-up, come for the bread, relish the steak and stay for the tiramisu. Ciao!

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Dumpling Love (@cscc28) said...

That steak looks amazing!! Gosh I literally sat there imagining how juicy and beefy it would have tasted =.='

btw, totally agree about going back to certain restaurants just for their bread! =P haha There's a couple in Perth that are like that!