Wednesday, February 12

The weekend of epic feasting

On the ninth day of CNY, I could almost hear my gut call out for mercy. It was a rather madocistic evening, thanks to Auntie CM and Uncle PG's annual Epic CNY Dinner. As evident from previous years, there's no letting up for the feast that lay ahead of us.

To be triumphant, one should remain both hungry and foolish. I like to think I have grown wiser - and yes, wider - with age. This time round, I stayed away from the appetizers - a bevy of CNY cookies, pan-fried yam and carrot cakes and fruits that included nectarines, persimmons, guava, pomelo and cherries. Yes, those were just the starters!

I didn't manage to capture pictures of ALLLL the food but the pictures below are a jolly reminder of the awesome spread we had.

After the lo hei jamboree, it was time to get down with the real stufffff... 

The amazing Buddha Jump Over the Wall looks less than impressive at first glance but you don't have to dig every deep to fish out a whole lotta goodies. Can't believe I have to wait another for this. Boo. 

Naturally there was a whole parade of dishes including old favourites Heng Hwa fried bee hoon but Undle PG and Auntie CM also made and bought new dishes such as:

Roasted duck from Tanah Merah Country Club 

Steamed red grouper

Suckling pig from Peach Garden

For some strange reason, I didn't come across a single piece of nian gao till this party (almost a travesty) and to make up for it, there was nian ago done two way - because that's all they roll.

Salted egg yolk custard buns from Si Chuan Dou Hua

These babies were addictive, I tell you...

My sister brought a tiramisu from L'Atelier Tiramisu. Tiramisu is one of those desserts I have only started loving in the recent years and this creamy but light rendition was a delightful treat. And now, I am pretty keen to try their green tea flavours. 

Since red packets aren't exactly a draw for me, this dinner is something I need to sustain my love for Chinese New Year. Much love and gratitude to Uncle PG and Auntie CM for a most wonderful time!

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