Friday, February 7

Seconds at Koh Sushi Bar & Grill

I sure am a (wo)man of my words. I told you I will be back and second time round, the whole jin gang from Gardenia Road came together for a gut-busting lunch.

Yet again delightful was the Crabby Maki – love the swordfish belly and soft shell crab pairing. And line of tobiko. Just perfect.

The Shiok Maki was yet again heavily doused with an orangy-mayo-ey sauce. I guess since it is a signature item, you got to order it to decide it is 

My dope brain totally forgot to order the Pitan Maki so we had the Spicy Salmon Maki instead. Very good but next time round, Pitan Maki, I’m coming for you! 

A heartfelt “oh so good” goes out to the grilled salmon belly. You have to order this if you are into salmon like I am.  

The pork-belly-wrapped asparagus was tasty too but needed lettuce wraps for grease control.

The pork cheek skewer, dry and tough, was the only dish we regretted ordering.

On the other hand, the tender and gamey grilled lamb cutlet was worthy of our attention and affection.

My dad totally hogged the grilled sanma as the rest of us were stuffed. 

Instead of tempura (“We can get that at any Japanese restaurant…”), we ordered a portion of the stir-fried ginger-miso pork that deliciously well-balanced. 

Because we had more people with us i.e. mum the fried rice aficionado, an order of seafood fried rice was placed and gamely polished off.

And just in case you are wondering, wakame is an excellent plate cleanser. 

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