Monday, January 27

The weekend that Owen came to play

And gave us adults an excuse to partake in joyous fooding. 

To keep things casual, we prepared a simple line-up. Chips and dips, salad, meat and dessert. This is part of my 2014 resolution to think smart and work even smarter. 

The dip was made up of salsa verde, parmesan cheese, cheddar and sour cream in a rough 4:2:2:1 ratio. Shortly after we polished off the Tositos, a bag of Ruffles was called into action, much to KW's delight. Yunwen was right - we throw parties just so that we can eat junk food.

Quinoa with cranberries, apricots and roasted almonds, loosely based on this recipe. Can I take a moment to say how good this healthy dish tastes? A definitely to-try if you are tired of the all-greens get up. 

Continuing his Web(er) of love, KW made ribs two ways - Memphis and Moroccan-spiced. 

I made the dip, salad and dessert while the Mister made ribs - I still think I lucked out in this marriage. 

Man, they were incredible!

In tune with the babies though they are technically toddlers, I made sticky pecan upside-down babycakes, using this recipe. I am totally in love with the idea of babycakes; they are so cute and munchkin-sized, you wouldn't feel too bad about not sharing or eating more than your designated share. 

Of course, the "dollop" of ice cream is for illustrative purposes only. 

Owen and Russell - don't they sound like a pair of rascals? Potentially double trouble...

These pictures of the two boys - who are only 15 days apart - never fail to make me smile. 

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