Monday, January 6

Sushi Burrito - Take 2

Oh boy, oh boy! Sushi Burrito is becoming my happy place where dreams come true and babbies/ toddlers sleep throughout the night.

This time round, we brought along my dad who was unsure of how things worked (No cutlery or plates? Eat with my hands?). We earned a complimentary half roll and a plate of salmon sashimi from gathering sufficient stamps on our loyalty card. Yes, I came with a plan and I brought numbers to claim victory.

We pretty much ordered most of the same items from our previous visit, with the exception of the Smoking Duck, a Christmas special. Choked full of slices smokey duck, it was quackin' good!

I didn't get to try the complimentary Geisha (that is by far the most politically incorrect statement I have made on my blog) but I whacked five quarter rolls out of the park.

What can I say? To eat with my family, you have to move like a ninja to eat like a sumo.

My mum ordered the yakiniku don. Pretty hard to go wrong with shredded beef that comes blessed with a good mix of fatty and lean streaks. It is dependable if you aren't into the funky sushi monsters sort of thing.

As you can see, sashimi is not something you should order here at Sushi Burrito unless you have a skin-itch craving for it. That said, it is decent for the price you pay. 

You know what edamame tastes like right? Moving on... 

Not commonly found, the corn tempura was light and lovely, sweet with a dash of salt.

Do you know the best part is? A complimentary full roll awaits me... I need to plan my next move soon.


Anonymous said...

hilarious! move like a ninja to eat like a sumo.

Anonymous said...

there's a new bacon bomber for cny! :P

zee said...

HAHA I love that line : "To eat with my family, you have to move like a ninja to eat like a sumo. "

I've found that to be so true in some social groups *ahem Marc's family ahem* A step too late, all gone.

yixiao said...

I bet KW found out the hard way too. Oh you poor only-two-children kids... Unlike us three-children-kids. HAHA