Thursday, January 2

New Year Eve Party 2013

There are two parties with my family friends that I eagerly count down to every year. One of which is Auntie CM's Chinese New Year dinner which is an epic parade of everything edible - kind of like that scene in Hunger Games: Catching Fire; the other is our New Year Eve party which never fails to evoke alcohol-fueled laughter and joy.

This year, Auntie HK and Uncle Francis played host and it was the first I had been their their new-ish place. 

Well, to cut the not very long story even shorter, I was absolutely gobsmacked by their ahhh-mazing abode.

You can always count on an evening of no-holds-barred, no-expenses-spared overindulgence.

And we were just getting started... 

This year's spread was again prepared by Dilion and as the years pass, you begin to find it gets more and more difficult to go for thirds and fourths.

I love the fresh sweetish prawn and mango canapés.  

A seemingly simple broccoli and peppers salad that stood its ground against the meat dishes. 

See the two loaves of walnut and onion bread beside the bubbling beef stew? Come to momma...  

A delicious braised beef shin that kicked all beef stews out of the park. 

The baked Tom Yum fish packed some serious Muay Thau park.  

After the savouries, a larder of grapes, strawberries, cherries and cakes filled in any remaining gaps we might have had. Oh man, I ate enough to last me till the end of the year. 

But thankfully... It's 2014!

Hope it will be a great year for everyone!


Bern said...

happy new year babe! and may I add an "OMG" re. your aunt's and uncle's's gorgeous!!!!!!! it's such a grown up sophisticated place.

yixiao said...

I know right!?