Wednesday, January 22

Lemon Almond Bars

The soppy mess stared back at me, almost as if in a chiding manner.

 "You should have been patient." 

 "You should have wait for the butter to chill completely." 

I guess rule #1- don't start baking an hour before your usual bedtime, especially if bedtime is 10.30pm.

Impatience and fatigue settled in and I poured the lemon curd onto a bed of un-set almond shortbread cookies. I managed to avoid a disaster as the flavours were solid to begin with. However I should have taken it out of the oven 5-8 mintes before the suggested time.

Topping based on Smitten Kitchen's Lemon Bars.

Base based on Martha Stewart's Lemon Bars with Brown-Butter Shortbread Crust.

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