Friday, October 4

Sunday lunch at SICC

These days when we have meals with my family, the club is an awesome fallback option. There is enough variety to please everyone, and at the end of the day, the lack of stress pertaining to reservations and parking is priceless.

We had a clear agenda last Sunday. German pork knuckle. I don't even know when Oktoberfest is exactly but I knew we had to partake in the festivities and have our fill of pork knuckle.

Behold, the beast! I could not stop picking out the ridiculously crunchy pork skin. I hope nobody else noticed. Crazy delicious. 


A bunch of sausages added to the porcine-centric meal but I wasn't easily distracted. Bring me the knuckle, minions! I'm proud to say I eventually laid claim to the bone.

I wasn't planning on blogging about the other dishes we had but this prosciutto pizza was questionably topped with a fried egg. Odd but lovable stuff.

Speaking of odd but lovable...

You can always count on the munchkin to provide much entertainment throughout the meal.

After lunch, we went back to 76 for desserts. 

Pints of Haagen Daaz caramel biscuit (now, a family favourite) and cappuccino truffle ice cream, alongside a dark chocolatey mouse cake from JAAN summed up our Sunday afternoon nicely.

And the weekend is here again... Whoop, whoop!

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