Saturday, October 19

An anniversary trip to Tokyo

Tokyo was, in short, amazing. 

Not many people would associate Tokyo with being relaxing yet that was what the both of felt on this anniversary trip (yes, it has been two years!) 

We stayed at the Hilton Tokyo, which was located in a quieter part of Shinjuku; by no means, was it less convenient or boring though. 

Love the mix of mid modern furniture and traditional sliding window shades. 

A magnificent skyline greeted us every morning during a time when it was sunshine-bright as early as 6am. 

Our five days in Tokyo (with an exception of half a day in Kawagoe) made me fall in love with this city all over again. 

It was my fourth time there and I still managed to get blown away by the energy and spirit. 

And of course, we ate every well. More on that soon! 

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