Wednesday, September 11

Family cook-out // September

I know... For the longest time, I pretty much sound like a broken record, going on about how overpriced dining out in Singapore is unless you are slumming it out at the hawker centre. 

The crowds plus substandard service multiplied by the stress of parking and seemingly common no-reservations policy... Weekend dining out can be such a b*itch at times. #FirstWorldProblems

My younger sister and I then thought, Why not just have cook-outs at home instead of stressing over where to go for dinner every weekend? Taking matters into our own hands, we decided on having cook-outs (or ins) for the family at my parents' place when most of our schedules matched. 

This is what we made over last Saturday:

To make sure we had our greens - and oranges, I made roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots and shallots. Man, those Brussels sprouts were a pricey pinch but so so worth it. How can anyone not love roasted Brussels sprouts? 

With fish on my mind, I found an awesome recipe in Ina Garten's panko-mustard salmon. I was utterly paranoid about not overcooking the fish and am thrilled to say, this dish was a success! Three minutes on a pan, six minutes in the oven - must bring this nugget of information to thy grave. 

Mum took care of the carbs with a very filling prawn arugula linguine. The best thing about homecooked food is nobody skimps on the ingredients

My younger sister made sticky honey mustard sausages with Black Mission figs that were fortuitously on sale over the weekend. 

Coconut and pineapple bread plus Haagen Daaz caramel and biscuit ice cream wrapped up a lovely Saturday dinner. 


Bern said...

"The best thing about homecooked food is nobody skimps on the ingredients" - totally agree! absolutely hate those places where u see the server actually count, very carefully, how many of the "expensive" stuff to give.

yixiao said...

I also say!

Anonymous said...

hi! can i know the recipe for the roasted vegetables? looks delicious!

yixiao said...

Hello, it was a very basic roasted vegetables recipe.

Slice up your vegetables (I used, Brussel sprouts, carrots and shallots) in similar sizes; drizzle olive oil over them; add in dried oregano, dried rosemary and paprika; then roast for about 30-45 mins.