Wednesday, June 26

Red hot Hindmarch

Although I'm not a bag whore, I have a soft spot for the understated playful elegance of Anya Hindmarch. So boy oh boy was I excited when my parents got me a honking red satchel from that label on their most recent trip to Europe. 

An early-by-a-month birthday present? Thank you very much. 

I was thrilled, of course, but not in a new-arm-candy-b*itches! kind of way. I'm heartened by the fact that my parents have not forgotten about me though I've technically married out of the family.

It's funny how though I've become a mother, I feel even more like a child when my parents do things for me. 


Anonymous said...

hello.. are you living in the 19th century?? married "out"???


yixiao said...

Haha... Throw in a month-long trek to get from one village to another :p

What I meant to say is, I don't expect the same level of care, compared to when I was living under their roof.

Bern said...

your folks are the sweetest!!! now, if only i can get my dad to pick something up for moi on his upcoming paris trip! hahahaaa!

yixiao said...

i also say!