Friday, March 15

D&A's housewarming lunch

Happy times continued throughout the weekend when Diana and Andrew invited us to their place for a housewarming potluck party. 

Hiho, food! Because that's what all of us came for. Kidding. 

Marcus made a really delicious pesto pasta salad, topped off with (unpictured) perfectly poached eggs timed by Zee. Apparently, he made the pesto with a pesto and mortar and while I am tempted to get the recipe off him, I think it would be easier to invite him to parties and have him make this dish. Yes, all the time. 

Our contribution was a smoked salmon and caramelized onion quiche (recipe here!). Though the pyrex was cleaned out, I should have added more salt - I do have a phobia of oversalting stuff. 

The hosts made sure we were well-fed with lots of meat. The lamb chops that had been marinated for two days (talk about being prepared). 

Mmm, they might not look the part but these pork chops were reminiscent of Ding Tai Feng's... Oh, don't look at me as if I'm the only one who  would give up a kidney for a lifetime supply of pork chop fried rice. 

My sister naturally took care of dessert and she made a strawberry shortcake, stuffed with strawberries and cream. 

Though the cake barely survived the drive, we did a good job of demolishing three quarters of it =)

1 comment:

zee said...

Ah, your post makes me (and my tummy) reminesce fondly...

I'm sure Marc would be more than happy to keep making that pesto for you guys each time :-)

I loved your quiche that day! Didn't think it needed more salt, probably thanks to the other rich savory stuff we had at the same time.

Looking forward to the next cook-up with the gang!