Thursday, January 10

Six months on


Six truths to keep me going:

1. You appreciate your parents so much more after you become a parent - so much so that you wonder what the hell they were thinking when they had three kids?!

 2. We might have disappeared from the face of this Earth to some of our acquaintances. Well, better them than Russell.

3. You develop the stealthiness of a pugilistic hero when it comes to puke, wet wipes and pacifiers.

4. When you face a high need, restless baby, the Bumbo, playpen and rocker are as good as dust collectors. What you need is TRX training equipment to work those biceps, triceps and non-existent core muscles.

5. CPF takes on a whole new meaning - Compassion, Patience and Flexibility.

6. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child and everyone better know who the village chief is.

1 comment:

Bern said...

Hahahaa!! your relevations are hilarious!! I'm especially tickled by the "everyone better know who the village chief is" part.