Wednesday, January 2

New Year Eve Party 2012

Hi folks, hope all of you had a gut-busting holiday season!
Similar to years before, we welcomed the new year with an epic feast that tested the limits of our waistbands.

I will be the first one to admit, the sushi platters from Cold Storage Takashimaya were pretty decent.  

I prepared two salads - roasted pumpkin and broccoli salad, as well as a 'deconstructed Mexican elote salad' with roasted corn, parmesan and lime. 

Added cherry tomatoes, raisins and hazelnuts to the roasted pumpkin and broccoli salad to spruce things up. 

The potstickers made by my grandmother were surprisingly good. 

My MIL's ngo hiang - perfected on second try. 

A seriously kickass fish head curry - none can accuse us of 
not spicing things up that evening. 

Roasted beef - sublime even the day after with a pot of instant noodles. 

More potential meat sweats from roasted turkey and stuffing.

The roasted beef, turkey and above honey-baked ham were all 
from Amara Hotel. 

More homemade goodness materialized in the form of char siew ... 

... and roasted pork. 

For desserts, my sister whipped up a very Cedele-esque 
pumpkin and walnut cake ... 

... as well as a coconut bread pudding. 

No idea who contributed the jelly cheesecake. Cue *doh* moment. 

Two more days to the first weekend of 2013, people! Hang in there =)

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