Thursday, December 13

Feeling porkish at Platinum Mall

After spending close to four hours at Platinum Mall, hunger hit fast and sudden, forcing us to make a break for the food court. The food court was every bit as chaotic as the mall itself but our patience paid off with a hefty load of khao kha moo aka tasty pig parts. Mmm... No translation needed.

Braised till heartachingly soft, we demolished a hunk of chopped up pig trotters, large intestines, lean meat, pickled mustard and that lonesome boiled egg. Yes, one might find this awfully similar to our local kway chap but it was (hand on my heart and not because I'm close to having a heart attack) ten times more delicious.

Slap on a dash of puckerish chili sauce, you will have enough saturated fat and collagen to keep you going for the next few hours.

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