Sunday, December 30

Favouritest moments of 2012

Wicked + Pizzeria Mozza

A short getaway to Hong Kong

My maiden trip to Taipei 

Babymoon in Bintan

Celebrating my mil's 60th 

Can't get enough of home parties - pizza/ ribs/ Mexican/ Christmas 

Zee's housewarming 

Aizhen's wedding

Baby shower 

And last but not least, the arrival of the bub

2012 has been a ball, hasn't it? 

Though I'm not a believer of new year resolutions, here are some thoughts I will keep in mind for 2013 - complain less, envy noone and always keep stock of our blessings.

Here's wishing you all a kickass 2013!


muchadoabouteating said...

Happy 2013 to you too! Love your blog and your bub.

yixiao said...

Thank you!
- Faithful reader of your blog

Bern said...

those r really good resolutions. i'm gonna adopt them too!

yixiao said...

May it be a merrier 2013 for all of us :)