Monday, November 5

Weekend #44

Photobomb from the weekend!

Kicking off with my sister's Halloween party... 

The hostess with the mostest hair extensions dessed up as Pregnant Snooki.

It was fun as it had been a while since we last went to a grown-ups-only party. I sound like such a party popper but I think I'm too old for this sort of let's-make-small-talk-over-too-loud-music kind of thing. Kw made sure we left before 10:30pm and when I got home, I crashed. Hard. 

Pigs in a Blanket - sodium nitrates, fats and chemical preservative maketh for tasty party food.

Oven-fried crinkle fries and sweet potato fries to buffer the effects of excessive alcohol. #WiseSayings

Bat wings - only now do I realise why it's called Bat Wings. *Face palm*

I spent a good part of the evening hovering around this insanely delicious baked cheese dip and eating Russell's weight in nachos.

The spooktacular dessert table, which proudly featured my sister's chocolate cake with orange buttercream.

We brought a mixed berries tart from Perla Patisserie. Though the tart base was a little soft, I loved the bloody cloak of raspberries and blueberries.

A homemade Swedish apple pie made by, you guessed it, Swedes!

Yiyang's friend, Tiff, made these lady's fingers. Let's hope her soon-to-be husband appreciates her culinary creativity.

Desserts squares from Brunetti which were honestly quite meh.

Back to saneness with a grilled salmon head on Sunday.

From their promotional Perfect Interfusion (Whutt? Is such a thing as non-inter fusion?), we had the Hotate Pearl Yaki, which was an over-ambitious mishmash. Thankfully, the Ebi, Hotate and Nasu fried rice was hangover-friendly - be warned about the mother load of garlic though.

Couch-potatoing time! Running out of stuff to watch - any suggestions?

Caught The Campaign. I'm kinda biased as any movie with pugs gets my vote. Very crude with some laugh-out-loud moments, especially with Muffins and Poundcake.

I want Soba and Toro to live fur-ever.

On the note of too-cute-for-words, don't these little sticks make you want to take up bento making?

Just sayin'...

Any thoughts of clean-eating for the day went out of the window when my elder sister brought over salted caramel ice cream and an apple crumble from Salted Caramel. There is always the next day, I guess.

Hope your weekend was just as sweet!


Bern said...

LOVED The Campaign! It was laugh-a-minute hilarious. I just watched it this past weekend as well! OMG. We really do have eerily similar lives.

yixiao said...