Monday, November 19

Maison Kayser's croissant aux amandes

For a French pastry, the croissant aux amandes is terribly unattractive. 

Apparently, it was originally made to get rid of unsold croissants and the second-fiddle treatment extended to its appearance - looks as if someone sat on, stood up and dusted him or herself before leaving the crime scene. 

The crosissant itself is a little bread-y and limp, weighed down by a delicious crumbly almond crust; a fairy dust of powdered sugar offered that nuance of sweetness. It tasted like a wonderful combination between a crumble and shortbread, perhaps even edging out the plain croissant or chocolate croissant for top spot in my books. 

I ate it right out the paper bag but I can imagine how devastatingly good it would be fresh out of an oven or re-heated in a toaster.

From one second child to another, Don't worry, you are in good hands. 


vivian chan said...

no 2 on the way? should I be saying congrats?

yixiao said...

No way! Haha

vivian chan said...

sorry my imagination ran wild when i read the last line of this entry. haha!!!