Monday, October 29

PS Cafe Palais again and again

Nope, you don't need to adjust your screen... I took the bub to PS Cafe. Again. In fact, twice in two days.

It was one of those unbelievably warm weekends where you feel as if the sun's rays would hit the ground and reflect back onto your sunscreen-slathered face. Apart from teleporting ourselves to somewhere cooler, the next best thing was to idle the afternoon away in PS Cafe with good food and even better company.

On Friday, I cashed in on KW's day out (or rather, in as they came over) with his friends and gathered the family for an afternoon out at PS Cafe Palais Renaissance. We ordered a bunch of stuff but with a fussy baby and slight tummy growl, snapping pictures was not high on my list of priorities.

The Brunch Burger has been and will continue to be a stalwart at our table. It was almost as big as Russell's head and probably one of the best deals on the menu.

What I really liked about the Steak Sandwich and Brunch Burger were that the patties were slightly pink in the middle, as per what we had requested.

The Steak Sandwich featured a teriyaki-glazed 400 day grain fed rump sturdily sandwiched between sourdough slices. It's the second sandwich at PS Cafe that I've enjoyed in less than a week. I dont want to jinx it but i think we are on a roll.

One of the desserts we had was the Sweet & Sour Lemon Pie. For someone who loooved M&S digestive biscuits as a kid and now relishes citrus desserts, this pie sure conjured up many happy memories. Pucker up, sweeties.

It was hard to ignore M's Carrot Cake so I didn't. Moist, dense and slightly sourish, this carrot cake reminded me of the Chinese 发糕. Not complaining though.

Surprisingly flavorful, the Potato and Leek Soup stoically clinged onto any bread dunks.

Picked out a sleeveless onesie for Russell because my sister loves his deokbukki arms.

The next day, we took my in-laws to PS Cafe for lunch. Yes, I'm one truffle fry away from being obsessively habitual.

We had the above mentioned Brunch Burger again.

My FIL picked the Crab Tart. Have you ever tried to take a picture of your FIL's food? Neither have I. And believe me, I'm not about to start doing so anytime soon. But if you really need to know what the dish looks like, please click HERE.

My MIL chose the Mushroom Wellington and if truth be brutally honestly told, I had to force myself to swallow this. It would have been great if mushrooms made you hazy with happiness or just hazy. The mushrooms were tender and fungi-y; the pastry was suitably buttery and the root vegetables had good bite to them. Though I still suffer from a mild mushroom phobia (remnants of the pregnancy), hunger overcame aversion and I wolfed my share down wordlessly.

The PS Palais Bread Board was meant for sharing but I ended up eating most of it with the marmalades, butter provided .... as well as lemongrass aioli from the brunch burger. Cue jaw-ache.

Ever since I weaned myself off Cedele's free flow of bread with any order of soup policy, I have not ingested this much bread in such a short sitting for a while. I hate seeing food, ESPECIALLY BREAD, go to waste and carb-loaded as if I had just finished a marathon. As if.

For sweets, kw picked out the Chocolate as it is our favourite only-at-Palais dessert. Yet there was something "off" about this much-loved dessert - despite how it looked, it didn't taste as decadant or harmonious as before.  Perhaps it has been pre-made way beforehand and left to sit around, resulting in a stale and dry cake. Despite so, I saw it through its final stages though out of gluttony loyalty.

Hope you had a gooood loooong weekend!


Bern said...

LOVED the looooooong weekend! We need more of those!

yixiao said...

Can't get enough of them.