Monday, August 27

Weekend #34

July came and left us wondering if we even lived in it in the first place. And now, it looks as if August is about to do the same.

京都排骨 - finger-lickin' start to the weekend

Stir-fried chicken with basil. 
Our basil plant is looking a little balder these days

Feeling 'Zakka Mum' 

Clowning around 

Awesome lunch at Big Mama Korean Restaurant 

Tau sar pau from forty hands 

Strangelets *heartbreak*

Too many covetable and overpriced thingsies

Avengers - quite the snoozer I'm afraid. 
Case of too many cooks spoiling ... 

Spotted Baby Havaianas - too cute!

Speaking of babies, we went for Mark and Yunwen's baby, 
Owen's first month party. Perfect card/ envelope spotted at Daiso. 

Seconds after a meltdown


Bern said...

WHAAAAT??! I LURVED the avengers!! How do u not love "Hulk Smash"??

yixiao said...

Don't know why?! I enjoyed Thor and Ironman but Avengers just didn't do it for me.

Bern said...

hmm, maybe the avengers starts off a little slow, but it gets better! The Hulk steals the scenes he's in. Totally awesome.

yixiao said...

definitely starts off s...l...o...w HAHAHA

tsilli said...

Is that your dress? How whimsical! Where is it from?

yixiao said...

Hi tsilli, thank you! My dress is from the Japanese label franche lippe and I got it in Taipei.