Friday, August 24

Blackened Salmon

Have you guys seen the Food Network programme ‘Chopped’? Hosted by Tim Ted Allen, it starts off with a mix bag of four contestants and even a stranger mixed bag of ingredients they have to use; they will then be assessed by three judges whose feedback often cut sharper than a serrated knife.

It's not my favourite show on Food Network but it makes for good white noise. However, the one thing, or rather person, who really bugs me though is Alexandra Guarnaschelli, one of the judges whose perennial PMS causes her to over-snark, squint and emote.

That said, we tried out one of her recipes - blackened salmon - yesterday for dinner and it was deliciously satisfying, not to mention ridiculously easy. I'm even inclined to cut her some slack, thank to omega-3-induced feel-goodness.

Have a great weekend, folks!


muchadoabouteating said...

Your salmon looks so good. Cayenne and paprika...yummy...will try out the recipe soon.

Anonymous said...

think you meant ted allen? tim allen is the home improvement guy.

yixiao said...

thanks PY =)

anon, thanks for picking up on that.