Friday, July 6

Mac & Cheese Sunday Luncheon

Warning: If you are lactose-intolerant, please look away now.

So a few of us had this awesome idea for a mac & cheese luncheon - I think it's safe to say we are such good friends as we are on the same awesome wavelength. After a few exchanges on Whatsapp and Facebook, this was what last Sunday looked like.

Zee and Marcus took on hosting duties, which turned out to be quite something as we stayed for close to six hours! But I don't wanna go home ... 

As soon as we stepped through the door, this lovely sight greeted us.

Can we take a minute to coo over this super cute plate from Anthropologie?

Everyone chipped in for this Sunday luncheon ... 

Zhu's rillette with what my plebeian palate perceived to be raspberry jam or chutney? Either way, it was shreddy, gamy and I likey.  

Marcus disappeared into the kitchen for 10 minutes and emerged with two plates of tender dry-rubbed pork chops. And I thought he went to help Zhu fix her canapés or something ... 

My sister, kw and I prepared two different mac & cheeses. Ours on the left, hers on the right. Shaky picture as I couldn't wait to tuck in!

I really liked the recipe we used (CLICK HERE) as it contains two of my favouritest cheeses - guyere and sharp cheddar. Well, we did tweak the recipe slightly out of convenience but it's a good base to work from.

My sister's Double-Dutch Mac and Cheese and I believe she used a recipe from Bon Appetit.

We used penne instead of Cavetelli pasta (anybody knows where we can find Cavetelli pasta in Singapore)? Rule #1: Do not overcook your pasta! I know I sound as if I'm the Ina Gee-nius of mac & cheese but really, better to undercook than overcook your pasta. 

Due to some miscommunication, we added 400ml instead of 500ml of heavy cream but frankly, I don't think anyone noticed or even missed that 100ml shortfall. In fact, it would be better to stick to 400ml as this mac & cheese sits like a brick in your system for hours. 

Total time from prep to cook was about two hours and 15 mins. Plus we accomplished not one, not one and a half but two batches of laundry. Smack that! 

And instead of using truffle oil, we peppered some truffle salt over it just before serving. 

Humans - for those of you who need a break from all that cheese and carbs. I know I need it ... 

Double dutch, double happiness thanks to these wonderful people. 

Diana roped in her nieces and nephews for chocolate-dipped strawberries. Aww, so cute.... Yup, they are at the age when they are most eager to please. 

Zhu also brought some tarts from Obolo - salted-caramel chocolate, apple crumble and lemon meringue. I absolutely loved the lemony bite of the meringue tart!

Oh, we made our mac & cheese uber crusty because the crust is the best part, no?

Move like Jagger, snooze like Soba  

By the time we were done with lunch, which was like er, 6pm, all I wanted to do was to curl up on my bed and doze off ala this furball.


muchadoabouteating said...

Carrefour stocks cavetelli once in a while, pale yellow packaging but i can't rem the brand.

yixiao said...

Thanks py!

Bern said...

OMG, I JUST went on a mac & cheese binge last weekend! We must have the same stomach or something.

yixiao said...

Haha, what did you do for your binge?

Bern said...

Mac and cheese with added portobello and roasted chicken at Seah St Deli and mac and cheese at Pique Nique 2 days in a row!

yixiao said...

I think it's safe to say that neither of us would be craving for mac & cheese any time soon :p

zee said...

I love this post :) i was going to say "we'll do this again soon I hope" but then scratch that, I realize we're meeting in 2 days! WOOP!!!! :D