Monday, July 9

LWAAC Weekend #27

Otherwise known as Last Weekend As A Couple Weekend.

Yes, I am being dramatic here... I'm also quite tired from playing The Waiting Game and it's almost as if the bub and I are going head-to-head on who can last longer.

Saturday saw an epically blah morning which had me yearning for my bed, despite the fact that I have been spending an unreasonable amount of time on it over the past few days.

But a girl - albeit a moody one - has got to eat and I knew the exact sort of lunch would get me back on my feet.

After which, I was pretty much insatiable, wiping out the ika tempura (which is more addictive than calamari on any given day) and phoenix roll (any sushi roll that combines both unagi and tempura prawns doesn't last long on my table).

It was obvious that I was past the hunger stage and threading on emotional grounds when a 2-berry muffin from Cedele was polished off within 20 minutes of us leaving Sushi Tei. Strange that while I'm a Cedele cake and bread person, I hardly go for their muffins.

Super moist, filled with tart raspberries and blueberries, and topped with a crumbly streusel crown, health food this is not but it did satisfy big time.

At Nadia's wedding

The theme was Bollywood Glamour, hence the three of us clad in purple. Decided noone would appreciate seeing a 39 weeks pregnant woman in a sari.

These days, photo booths are dime in a dozen but this company, Vivid Snaps, offers you a chance to print photos you took with your phone using wifi. Ingenious and so much more personalized!

On the menu: Indian food. Think chicken tikka, palak paneer and mutton rogan josh. My tastebuds love but my tummy loathes.

I guess Hotel Fort Canning is pretty new so they handed out feedback cards to each table. Probably irritated some statician big time but I really did think the decor was worth 3.5/5.

Bollywood dancers!

Speaking of the married couple, there they are! Sorry, pictures with the real peeps are with the pros. Well, not for for a day that went from lame to lamb in less than 18 hours =)

Come Sunday, I finally (finally!) made my way down to Franc Franc for an eyeful of decor delight. We circled around the store a few times, chanting,"This store is such a trap... such a trap because you feel like buying everything..."

It took us great restraint to leave with just two shopping bags filled eye candy dinner plates and a green (which incidentally reminds me of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street) for the nursery.

Oh, as soon as I realised I wasn't going to deliver this weekend, I booked tickets to The Amazing Spiderman. It was just o-k. Andrew Garfield did more for me as Eduardo Saverin and the chemistry between the leads was kind of odd - as if they were first cousins or something. To be perfectly frank with you, I had the teensiest A2-poster-size crush on Tobey Maguire, who, in my not-so-humble opinion, nailed the role of Peter Parker.

Loved Emma Stone though; she can (still) do no wrong =)

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Looking forward to seeing your baby when he finally arrives.