Wednesday, June 13

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant @ Dempsey

As part of the Welcome-to-Singapore induction programme, we took Sandy to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant ( for chili crab - a dish that fascinates her and the dear girl has a kitschy fridge magnet to prove it.

Scottish Razor Clams 

But before the pierce de resistance, we had a bunch of stuff including this plate of steamed Scottish razor calms. These were very pleasing as the clams were tender with some bite and piled with loads of garlic. However, it was quite the cheater-bug dish this as there was a considerable amount of tang hoon.

The razor clams were followed up shortly with another light-ish dish - a plate of stir fried broccoli with garlic, which I'm guessing you probably know what it looks like.

Butter Fried Lobster

Butter fried lobsters are kw's thing as he grew up eating them whenever he visited his grandfather's home in Malaysia. These were slightly different though; lip smackingly saucier - let's just say you won't need to re-apply your lip gloss any time soon after polishing off a few of these babies.

All I could think of was stuffing them (deshelled) into a toasted hotdog roll and make millions (ok, I'll settle for thousands) selling them out of a food truck.

Chili Crab 

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the chili crabs although I'll be the first one to admit I'm not an expert on chili crabs. The crabs were meaty and sweetish, and 2 crabs meant there were loads to go around. This dish never fails to remind me that a little hard work and persistence goes a long long way (down the gut).

Deep Fried Buns of Deliciousness

We asked for a more spicy version and gleefully dunked deep fried mantous into the orangey, eggy blood bath. Taking a cue from this very rich ex-American, I think Sandy was ready to trade her green card for this any day from now.

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