Monday, May 14

SPRMRKT, 2 McCallum Street

Besides Tiong Bahru, the area blanketing Amoy Street and Telok Ayer Street plays host to many smallish start-ups such as Sarnies, the Muffinry and newest baby, SPRMRKT (2 McCallum Street).

So many places to discover, so little time!

This retail specialty shop slash cafe is barely a month old and there is a modest offering of cold and hot food as well as baked treats.

Random cute things - must resist!

Apart from croissants, their baked goodies are all made in house (coo). I picked up a couple slices of sundried tomato bread for breakfast the best day - methinks popping them into the toaster will deliver a magical Dreamworks-worthy effect.

I sat on the grey booth seat wondering what it took to set up a cafe like this and by the time our desserts arrived (it didn't take long), I had derived at an answer - deep pockets and tenacity.

I might not have deep pockets but I have a deep gut and the tenacity to make sure there aren't any leftovers.

Take this carrot cake for instance. Light and fluffy this carrot cake was not. It was densely packed with carrot silvers, nuts and whatnots; blessed with a balance of spices; and topped with a smooth cream cheese layer that had specks of lime and lemon zest. A load of loveliness that made it hard to concentrate at class later.

The caramelized banana tart was a delectable treat too. Though there wasn't a distinct burnt-sugar aroma, it was mighty tasty - perhaps even perfect for you if cavities are the bane of your existence.

A faux artistic shot of my younger sister. She was probably just distracted and waiting for me to be done with photo-taking.


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Anonymous said...

Thank for your review and photos! Love your pics. I went to SPRMRKT. Didn't enjoy the experience, wish they made Singaporean food instead of Western. I wouldn't go again....