Monday, April 9

Sort-of-Babymoon Bintan - Part 1

Hey there, how was your long weekend?

Though I was away for just 3 days, it seemed like a long time (in a good way) and I feel as if I'm currently stuck in a time warp for everything around me is still the same.

As for Bintan, it was an extremely relaxing vacation - a pleasant surprised as I have never been a sun, sand and sea person (I didn't go near the sea and sand but the sun was unavoidable).

Along with my parents, in-laws and two of our parents' closet family friends, Auntie CM and Uncle PG, the 8 of us stayed at the 4-bedroom Indra Maya Villa, which is part of Nirwana Gardens.

Overlooking the South China sea, the villa came with a private pool and jacuzzi. If you got up early enough, you will be able to catch the sunrise from here.

Separating the bedrooms were the dining area and TV room.  Doesn't this look incredibly idyllic?

I believe each room has a different colour theme and ours was green. 

Beautiful sculptures can be found everywhere... 

 Even in our bedrooms.

Getting ready to set off ...

To get around, we used bungees. Love this concept. Free and easy peasy. 

Hard to get a decent shot. Oh well, I tried.

We had a couple of lunches at Dino Bistro, an open-air cafe that whips up simple Western dishes such as beef fajitas, Surf & Turf, pastas etc.

Soppy meat sauce, melted mozzerella and creamy guacamole (can't compare to my sister's guac) ... I was craving nachos big time and was thrilled we had it during both lunches.

You can make your own pizza too and choose between a thick or thin crust.
Over 2 lunches, we had beef pepperoni, Balinese chicken and  Hawaiian pizzas. We weren't expecting Mozza and didn't get Mozza but the pizzas were tasty enough. 

Unfortunately, the smoked salmon sandwich with pumpkin ciabatta sounded better on paper. Can't win 'em all, I suppose.

Though there are many activities at the resort, we kept things blissfully sloth-like - noone would have allowed me to run amok with an All Terrain Vehicle anyway.

After lunch on the first day, my in-laws, mum and I tried out the spa.

Upon knowing I was with child, the lady at the spa recommended the South Sea Massage, which is supposed to relief muscle tension. I got rubbed down with a delicious gula-melaka-and-coconut smelling oil that made me feel like a kueh kosui. 

I felt alot like this guy after the relaxing massage ... 

And for our first dinner at Bintan, we had an amazing meal at The Kelong Restaurant, which included this kickass chili crab. More on that soon!


Lisa said...

I have always wanted to go to Bintan. It looks like a beautiful resort.

yixiao said...

There's nothing much to do on that island but a nice resort always makes for a relaxing getaway :)