Sunday, March 11

VVG Bon Bon 好樣棒棒, Taipei

If unlikely business partners Willy Wonka, Marie Antoinette and Mother Goose came together to create a cafe, VVG Bon Bon (13, Lane 161, Dun-Hua North Road) would be it.

Someone got a little trigger-happy.

Too many utterly covetable things!

Sugar and spice... All things nice...

Are your maternal instincts calling out to you yet? Or maybe that's just your growling tummy...

As you can probably tell for their namecard (below), those with a sweet tooth can definitely find something to ease that aching desire.

Still reeling from lunch and ice cream (and quite frankly, dinner from last night), we shared a chocolate and marshmallow cake and a warm cinnamon apple roll.

The chocolate and marshmallow cake was mammoth but it was unfortunately rather dry and needed some sopping up from the accompanying vanilla ice cream.

But the cinnamon apple roll felt like a snug embrace that shielded us from the perennial drizzle.

Totally love the crochet coasters for our teapots. And the hot chocolate was cloyingly rich, no doubt thanks to the heart-shaped marshmallows.

The cakes aren't absolutely fabulous but the luxury of spacing out in such pretty surroundings after a day of shopping is pretty unforgettable.

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Lisa said...

What a fabulous store.