Saturday, March 17

Delighted again at Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House

Life has been pretty exciting these days but I can't say the same for our epicurean adventures. These days, we tuck in to satisfy rather than to excite, finding pleasures in familiar haunts such as Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House.

Without a doubt, their char siew soh (barbequed pork pastry) is a must-order. The buttery and flaky crust deftly holds in the filling and knows just when to yield to reveal sweet, stewy insides. We always order the barbequed pork pastry knowing how good it is but forgetting how effing awesome it is until we dig in.

The best. Hands downs. Thumbs up. No contention. You beg to differ? It's ok, we both win.

Nope, cant escape 'em dumplings. Yup, still in a dumpling phrase. They (and of course, many other things) play their part in turning me into a baby killer whale. I'm so used to the vegetable and pork wanton soup in Ding Tai Fung that I half-expected clean, grassy-tasting dumplings; but here at Imperial Treasure, there was a more even ratio of pork and vegetable in their dumplings.

The roasted char siew at Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee House is excellent too. Fatty, glossy and insanely tender, those slender slices are satisfaction maximus yet you don’t feel like you are chewing on a piece of fat.

And then, there was cheong fun. We were in the mood for cheong fun but for something a little more out of the ordinary. Cheong fun and pork liver? Hey, there is always a first time for everything. Squishy, gamy, diaphanous (doesn't that description make your mouth water?), it was oddly delicious!

Other stalwarts included chicken feet (appreciate how they don't have a scary, fluorescent hue) and har gow (a shame someone had left them in the steam room for too long).

Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

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