Wednesday, March 7

Black As Chocolate, Taipei

After lunch, Stella took us to her Black As Chocolate ( gift shop along Fuxing Road where we had a chocolate tasting session that became an impromptu dessert session. That's how we roll... sideways.

Besides desserts, this branch sells merchandise too ( including this chocolate light bulb lollipop.

I took a bite out of my aunt’s vanilla ice cream cone, coated with milk chocolate and Kelvin's mixed berries scoop before deciding on my poison of choice.

Mixed berries ice cream and hot fudge (from a chocolate tap, no less) in a chocolate wafer cone. Must admit it was the chocolate wafer cone that lured me in.

We got a pack of whisky Name chocolate above for kw's parents. I really liked the aromatic Earl Grey Nama Chocolate we tried and got a pack for the folks back home to try.


Oysterdiaries said...

I remember walking past this place but it wasn't open! NOOO. Looks like I missed out :\

yixiao said...

Aww, there's always next time. I can't help but dream of making another trip soon!