Monday, February 13

Sen Ryo, Hong Kong

After we checked in and offloaded the weight on our shoulders at Hong Kong station, we popped into popular conveyor belt (haha, airport pun) chain Sen Ryo ( for lunch.

Feasted on toro nigiris, aburi scallop and flounder sushi, fatty salmon and hamachi sashimi, and grilled salmon collars among other things.

It was a bittersweet lunch at Sen Ryo as I felt both happy and apprehensive about returning home. But I know the reasons I loved being away - novelty and anonymity - would fade away and I would soon grow frustrated about being trapped wherever I am.

A weekend getaway really does wonders for the soul (this might be the Omega 3 talking). Though Hong Kong seems like one of the last places on planet Earth to feel relaxed and calm, that was exactly how I felt throughout our vacation.

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