Saturday, January 21

Ah Hai Fish Porridge & Seafood Soup - my fish soup underdog

In case you haven’t realized, when I like something, I can have it just about every single day. I'm defnitely not one of those who likes to seek out new stuff, unless it's tried, tested and thumbs-up-ed by people I trust.

Knowing that I going through a fish soup phase, my mum recommended Ah Hai Fish Porridge & Seafood Soup (#01-49 Amoy Street Food Centre) which she and her collegues frequent. Side note: there must be at least 5 fish soup hawker stores in Amoy Street Food Centre?

I really enjoyed it - and thoroughly pleased I discovered something which I might have to queue up too long for!

Generally when I am in the mood for fish soup, I look forward to something light and clean-tasting. Ah Hai’s fish soup is more Han Kee than Jing Hua; the broth is "purer" but no less flavourful; and as a bonus, the portion is slightly more generous than the other two.

I somehow feel more for Ah Hai as I like supporting the underdog.


Anonymous said...

No carbs to go with your fish? You need to eat well-balanced meals now, at least the little one needs it. =)

bisou said...

heehee, i had my carbs in the form of a curry puff after the fish soup =)