Monday, December 19

Your Woul, My World

Did you have a good weekend? Hope you were sm*rt or lucky enough to not have to use the train this weekend.

My cousin, Kenny got married (the final wedding within the family this year)! Will blog more about it later when I have stolen all my sister's and cousin's photos.

The day before, we had lunch at Your Woul at Goldhill Centre. Any page of the colourful menu easily outshines the bare-essentials-only decor of the restaurant. Thanks to the cold, drizzly weather, I was in the mood for soup and could have just easily ordered a single portion of kimchee chigae but why would I do that when there is the option of a gigantic pot of pot luck stew waiting for 2 people or more to demolish it? That we had.

Ban chan - 2 types of kimchee, deep fried egg-battered luncheon meat, marinated fish cake, apple mayonnaise and sweetish hard boiled egg.

Your Woul's Korean pot luck stew closely resembled a budae chigae (loosely traslated to "army stew"). It was very personality-driven (think grungy and no nonsense) and the reason to avoid it is reason why it is delectable (sodium nitrate, mmm). Filled with ramen, sausages, luncheon meat, beef slices, kimchee, assorted mushrooms and rice cakes, I can't think of a better and more delicious way to combine these junk meats.

Oh man, this pot luck stew totally satisfied my cravings for Korean instant noodles. I could just just have easily bought a 5-pack of Korean instant noodles and relished them at home, but having them in a restaurant with lots of mystery meats just makes them a little more legit.

I'm glad my health-concious dad doesn't read my blog.

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